The Bit Component Set is a set of 32 of the most common user interface components for Adobe/Macromedia Flash. As opposed to the standard Flash v2 components, the Bit components are light weight, easy to skin and easy to style. These components are great for web pages and for developers making Rich Internet Applications.
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  • Ease of skinning
  • Ease of styling
  • Size and speed
  • Mouse interactivity
flash accordion component
Accordion: This container component displays a number of sections layed out vertically. Each section has a header label and a content area below. The content is added via movie clip symbols from the library. Click to open a new section and close the current section. (size=9kb)
flash ui component
Alert: The alert component is used to create a popup window with a message. In most cases, you would create the alert message through ActionScript at run time. (size=9kb)
flash ui components
PushButton: The PushButton can be used both as a regular button as well as a toggle button, which toggles between the selected and unselected states. (size=7kb)
light weight Flash components
Calendar: The calendar is a highly customizable calendar that can be set to highlight the current date or any particular dates. Using some ActionScript code, you can also add events to the calendar. (size=11kb)
skinnable Flash components
CheckBox: The CheckBox component displays a small check box with a label that can be checked or unchecked by clicking on it. (size=6kb)
Flash color picker
ColorChooser: The color chooser has a similar look and feel to most color pickers that users are already familiar with. Clicking on the small color selection square opens a window containing the full range of colors to choose from. You can also enter a hex value manually. (size=7kb)
ComboBox: This component displays a single text label representing the currently selected item. Clicking on the arrow displays a drop down list with additional items. Clicking on one of the items in the list closes the list and displays the newly selected item in the component. (size=15kb)
Flash button
IconButton: The IconButton component is a functionally equivalent to the PushButton which differs mainly in appearance. With this component, you can define icon images on the button instead of text. Easily set separate skins for each instance of the icon button. (size=5kb)
Flash controls
Knob: The knob is a rotary control that can be used to set values. The knob moves and changes value by mouse movements. You can set the knob to respond to vertical, horizontal or angular mouse movement as well as setting the sensitivity. (size=6kb)
Flash label component
Label: The label is a simple component for displaying text. Font properties can be changed dynamically or via the component parameters. (size=3kb)
Flash list
List: The list is used for displaying a list many items from which the user may choose one. (size=12kb)
Flash preloader
Loader: The loader allows you to easily load external content, such as a non-progressive jpeg image or a swf, into your Flash movies. The loaded content can be set to be scaled to its original size or to the size of the component. (size=3kb)
video player
PlayerControl: The PlayerControl component is designed as an optional control interface to the VideoPlayer component. (size=6kb)
download progress bar
ProgressBar: The ProgressBar component provides a way to show a changing value, usually one that will increase up to a certain point such as the amount of content loaded or the amount of a song played. (size=5kb)
Flash radio buttons
RadioButton and GroupBox: The RadioButton allows the user to choose from a group of options. It can be used in conjunction with the GroupBox component to create separate groups of options. The GroupBox can also serve as a visual border for the interface elements. (size=7kb)
ScrollBar (Vertical and Horizontal): These scroll bars are primarily for use within other components and can also be useful when building your own components or applications. (size=6kb)
time based Flash timer
ScrollPane: Scrollable content can be attached from the library, or loaded externally. Scroll bars appear when the content is larger that the componet size. Content can also be dragged using a mouse. Set a zoom factor to scale the content. (size=12kb)
time based Flash timer
Slider (Vertical and Horizontal): The slider components allow the user to choose a numerical value by sliding a button. Both horizontal and vertical versions of this component are included. (size=7kb)
time based Flash timer
TabPane: The TabPane component allows you to display movie clips or externally loaded swf or jpeg files inside a tabbed pane. (size=9kb)
time based Flash timer
TextArea: The TextArea is a convenient way to displaying large quantities of text. It has a built-in automatic scroll bar that appears whenever required. (size=12kb)
time based Flash timer
TextInput: The TextInput is an editable single line component for accepting text data from a user. (size=6kb)
time based Flash timer
Tree: The Tree component provides a way of showing expandable hierarchical data in a tree format. This component is based on an xml object which acts as the tree's data provider. (size=17kb)
time based Flash timer
VideoPlayer: The video player is a simple playback component for viewing flv files. The component can be used together with the PlayerControl component. (size=5kb)
time based Flash timer
Window: The Window component provides a holder in which content is loaded, allowing the content to be dragged and moved around the stage inside a skinnable window. (size=8kb)
window component
The RichTextArea component is useful for creating Rich Text editors. You can choose which features of this component to use enable, making it an ideal component for custom projects. (size=14kb)
Flash UI
NumericStepper: The NumericStepper allows users to select numeric values. You can set the minimum and maximum values as well as the step increment. You can also set the number of decimals that are displayed in the NumericStepper's text field. (size=9kb)
UI components for Flash
Resizers: Three resize components are included in this set: Resizer, HResizer and VResizer. Each of these components can be used to enable smooth resizing of a predefined graphic element, keeping the margins the same while stretching the middle. (size=3kb)
Macromedia Flash MX 2004, Flash 8 (standard or professional), Flash CS3 or CS4 for authoring (Windows or Mac). Movies using these components may be published for either Flash Player 6, 7 or 8, 9 or 10, ActionScript 2.0. Movies using the videoPlayer or comboBox component must be published for Flash Player 7, 8, 9 or 10.
Price: $99 - Buy now
Bit Component Set
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