fCMS2 - Flash Content Management System
Following in the footsteps of our hugely popular fCMS, fCMS2 has been redesigned and recoded from the ground up in ActionScript 3.0 with improved usability and added functionality.

New features include a built-in slideshow, an automatic thumbnail generator and a pagination component as well as the ability to edit the content of other Flashloaded components, such as FlashTextFX and MediaPlayer.

Just like in fCMS, fCMS2 also allows you to update text and images directly on a live Flash website, without ever leaving your browser window. All of the changes can be applied at runtime in a user friendly manner. fCMS2 can power any Flash AS3 website with no limitations in design.
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Click on the examples below and type admin to login or click on the login link.
The username and password is also admin.
After logging in, click on the content that you wish to edit. Saving of edited content and file uploading has been disabled in all of these live public demos.
Flash CMS
After logging in, click on the image or textfield to edit. Pages can be added, deleted and re-ordered.
Flash CMS
After logging in, click on the playlist to add, edit, delete and re-order the sound and video files in the playlist.
Flash CMS
After logging in, click on the textfield to use the toolbar to add, edit, delete and re-order sentences.
fCMS2 features
Automatic thumbnail generator
Thumbnail images are automatically generated for each uploaded image. Multiple thumbnails can be generated of different customizable sizes. Includes built-in cropping.
Built-in slideshow
Transition through images automatically with slideshow mode. The images order can be easily re-arranged. The pagination component can provide additional manual navigation between the images.
Multi-page textfields
The same text field can be used to display multiple pages of text. Page content and the page order can be edited.
Built-in pagination component
Skinnable pagination component can be used to navigate between multi-page textfields and images.
Editing for FlashTextFX and MediaPlayer
Add and edit content for Flashloaded's FlashTextFX and MediaPlayer components using fCMS2. Support for several additional Flashloaded AS3 components will be added in the future at no additional cost.
Improved file uploader
Built-in file browser and uploader for images, videos and sound files. Includes image thumbnail preview.
Quicker customization
Dialog boxes and components can now be easily skinned by double clicking on the component on the stage.
ActionScript 3.0
Completely rewritten from the ground up to use the latest ActionScript 3.0 code.
fCMS features
Direct updating of Flash websites
Update the content of a live Flash website directly at the same URL, without entering a special admin URL. This WYSIWYG approach allows you to see exactly how the content will look on your site, as you work.
No client training required
Intuitive click to edit interface with a word processor like toolbar, provides your client with a way to easily edit content and images without knowing HTML or Flash. They just need a browser with Flash Player 9 or 10 installed.
Easy to customize
Choose which icons to display in the text editing toolbar. Tooltips, dialog box text and error messages can be edited for translation purposes.
Predefined font list and color palette
The font, font size and color palettes can all be predefined by the developer, ensuring that these important design elements cannot be changed when editing content.
Data stored in XML
All of the content is stored inside an XML file, without the need for a database. Perfect for websites with a small to medium amount of content.
Hidden login access
To edit the content of your site, simply type the secret access word "blindly" and the login screen will appear. You may define your own access word.
Multiple users with permission settings
Define groups for users with varying file upload and edit permissions. Users can be assigned to specific groups.
Usernames and passwords are stored in a secure XML file with server side protection. This information is not available in the SWF file, securing it from decompilers.
Powerful API
A powerful comprehensive ActionScript API is included for advanced functionality and added flexibility.
Light weight
Adds only up to 47Kb to your published Flash swf.

Adobe Flash CS3, CS4 or CS5 for authoring (Windows or Mac). Movies using this component may only be published for Flash Player 9 or 10, ActionScript 3.0.

UNIX/LINUX SERVER (PHP): Server running Apache webserver which allows .htaccess override and IonCube Loader and has PHP 5.0+ installed.

WINDOWS SERVER (.NET): Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, IIS 5.0 or higher (IIS 6.0 recommended).

 Price: $179.95 $77 per website [?] | Buy now
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