Direct updating of content on a live Flash website
With this Flash CMS (Flash Content Management System) you can update the content of a live Flash website directly at the same URL, without entering a special admin URL. This WYSIWIG approach allows you to see exactly how the content will look on your site, as you work.

Each page of your Flash website can be spidered and indexed by search engines
All text that is added to your website through the fCMSPro can be spidered and indexed by search engines. The links will take visitors directly to that page in your Flash website. Click here to see an example of how search engines will index and link to your fCMSPro website.

Includes a set of 8 pre-built components to add features to your sites

  • fDate - for displaying dates.
  • fImage - for displaying images.
  • fNumber - to format the display of numbers in a textfield.
  • fPaging - to add page browsing to multi-page content or index pages.
  • fString - for specific formatting of text strings.
  • fText - for editing textfields. The fCMSPro has a built in version of our flashTexteditor which provides users with the same familiar text editing tools such as a word processor.
  • textScroller - a lightweight skinnable scrollbar component used to scroll textfields.
  • fIndex - to create an index (or table of contents) so that visitors to your site can see the titles and possibly a short extract of some or all of the articles on your site. From the index, they will be taken directly to that article.
  • fMenu - to set up customizable menus that can be edited and that interact with the fCMSPro. Menus can be horizontal or vertical. Includes built-in tweening effects.
  • fTag - to tag documents, making categorization of documents easy.
  • fRelated - to create relationships between different documents.

Add search to your sites
You can add search facilities to your fCMSPro controlled website to help visitors find information on your site.

Templating system can be used to create base pages for different sections of your site
Templates allow you to create a pre-defined look for a specific section of your site and ensure that each new page created for that section will have the same look.

Define required fields and apply formatting restrictions to fields
When defining a template, you can define which fields are required, ensuring that the page is not saved without all of the required information. You can also use the built-in components to apply formatting restrictions to text fields.

Automatically creates an index or table of contents
Create an index (or table of contents) so that visitors to your site can see the titles and possibly a short extract of some or all of the pages on your site. From the index, they will be taken directly to that page.

Direct updating of content as well as adding/deleting pages on a live Flash website
By using templates, you can dynamically add and delete pages from your website in real time.

All data stored in a MySQL database
The fCMSPro stores all of the data in a MySQL database, making it fast to access as well as robust for large websites.

No client training required. As easy to use as a word processor
The fCMSPro has a built in version of our flashTexteditor which provides users with the same familiar text editing tools such as a word processor.

Editable textfields with built-in text editor (allows for multi-page textfields)
The developer can design the site in such a way that the same text field can be used to display multiple pages of text. For example, your site may have next and previous buttons to show more pages of text inside the same text field. You can access and edit all of these pages all within the fCMSPro editor.

Updatable images and SWFs - includes auto size, auto fit, position and captions
An image holder module is included which allows you to update images and SWF files directly through the fCMSPro. The images can also be resized and positioned. Captions can be added and positioned relative to the images.

Automatic thumbnail creation
When activated, the automatic thumbnail option automatically creates one or more thumbnail images for each uploaded image. Properties such as width, height, minimum size, maximum size and background color can be set for each thumbnail.

Customizable font list, font size list, color palette and toolbar
The font list, font size and color palettes can all be predefined by the developer. This ensures that these important design elements will not be changed by the editor of the site. You may also specify which buttons are displayed on the text editing toolbar. These changes can be applied globally (throughout your site) or to the toolbars of specific texfields.

Skinnable components
The look of all of the components that are visible to your visitors (such as the fPaging, fIndex and textscroller components) can be fully customized and skinned to suit the look of your website. You can even have a different skin for each instance of these components.

Hidden login - type blindly a predefined word to access the CMS
To edit the content of your site, simply type blindly the access word for the login screen to appear. You may define your own access word.

Create multi-lingual websites with ease
The fCMSPro allows you to specify multiple languages for the content of your site without having to re-do the entire site for each language. For example, you may have the options "English" and "French" on the enter page of your website. Upon selecting English you can edit and view the English content of the site. When selecting French, you can edit and view the French content of the exact same site, without having to create an additional set of textfields or pages.

Powerful backend templating makes it possible to create dynamic RSS feeds of your site
The powerful backend templating system allows you to create custom backend PHP files which can be used, for example, to create dynamic RSS feeds of the content on your site. You can custom create the queries to show the data that you want to show. Clicking on a link in your RSS feed will take the visitors directly to the referenced page on your Flash website. Click here to see the dynamic RSS feed of the feature list for the fCMSPro demo site.

Allows for multiple users with different file upload permissions
Set up user groups depending on their file upload permissions. You can then assign users to specific user groups.

No end user coding or HTML knowledge required
Your client can edit their own content and images without knowing any HTML.

Customizable dialog boxes, tooltips and button text
The look of the dialog boxes can be fully customized, which can be used to add your own branding. You can also change the error messages, text on buttons and tooltips, making it possible to fully translate the fCMSPro into other languages.

Powerful ActionScript 2.0 API
The fCMSPro includes a very powerful ActionSript API which allows the web developer to have full control over the way in which queries are sent and received from the database, formatting data received, the addition of tweening effect and several other enhanced features and functions to build a truly powerful Flash CMS website.

Built-in tween effects
Use tween effects to animate your data as it appears on the stage (requires ActionScript knowledge).

The login usernames and passwords are stored in a secure XML file on the server side only. This information does not exist in the SWF, protecting the login information from SWF decompilers.

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