The flashGuestbook component is a highly flexible system for recording feedback and comments from visitors to your websites. The component is deployed on the server side using PHP and MySQL with the resulting messages displayed within the Flash movie. Entries can be moderated and manually approved using the backend admin panel.
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Type your name and message in the textfields on the right and press submit. Your message will appear in the entries on the left. Note: For demo purposes, all entries that you submit will only be visible to you for the duration of your current browser session. Entries are scrolled using the ultimateScroller (not included).

  • 18 built-in standard fields (such as name, address, gender, age, email, etc.) and 5 custom fields
  • Validation for required fields as well as email and url syntax validation
  • Built-in search capabilities
  • Web based moderation panel
  • Moderator can choose to receive email notification when new messages are posted
  • Powered by MySQL database
  • Fully customizable look (fonts, colors, layout, spacing, etc.)
  • Option to use Flash UI components or the Bit Component Set
  • Works with TextFields, TextAreas, Checkboxes, RadioButtons, ComboBoxes, Lists, NumericSteppers & DateFields
  • Alternating entry background colors
  • Automatic pagination
  • Customizable sort order and number of entries per page
  • Customizable censored words filter
  • Displays date and time according to the viewers' local time zone
  • Comprehensive ActionScript API
  • Only 10kb
guest book
Main parameter settings in the Component Inspector
Click to view
admin panel
The admin panel where entries can be moderated, approved and deleted by the moderator
Click to view

Macromedia Flash 8 or Adobe Flash CS3/CS4 for authoring (Windows or Mac). Movies using this component must be published for Flash Player 7 or higher, ActionScript 2.0. The backend requires a webserver with PHP 4.3 or higher and MySQL 3.23 or higher.

Price: $49.95 $27 - Buy now

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