FlashTextFX is a Flash component that creates an unlimited number of high quality text effects in Flash. Includes an easy to use custom interface with real time preview. Option to add multiple effects per textfield. Effects can be saved and loaded for future projects. Customizable scale, position, rotation, opacity, tint, blur and glow. Available for ActionScript 3.0 (Flash CS3/CS4/CS5) only.
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Flash Text Effects
FlashTextFX features
Unlimited amount of effects
FlashTextFX allows you to change and customize scale, position, rotation, opacity, tint, blur and glow, creating unlimited effects with adjustable timing and easing styles. A bezier animation tool makes it possible to further customize the motion.
Animate text in parts
The effects can be applied to the content divided into pixels, letters, words, lines or the entire textfield, with customizable order, at varying positions and scale. You can also choose the number of parts that are animated at a time. E.g: groups of 3 letters, or 5 words, etc.
Custom interface with real time preview
No coding. All parameters are set through a user friendly interface, with a built-in real time preview which shows results as you work.
Timing and delay settings
Animation length time is customizable, as well as the delay before starting an effect and pause before the next effect.
Save and load effects
Effect settings can be saved and reused for future projects or other instances. Effects are stored in a local object, with no need for an Internet connection.
Display sequence of sentences
The text effects can be applied to one sentence or to a series of sentences, which will be displayed one at a time with the same effects applied (great for slideshows and banners).
Multiple effects per textfield
Multiple effects can be applied to a text field. For example, we may first fade the text in from left to right, then rotate it and finally wipe the text out.
Mouse over and out events for linked text
ActionScript events are included to perform any function on mouse interaction on a link.
Component Inspector, XML or ActionScript
The text sequence can be entered in the Component Inspector, external XML file or ActionScript.
Displays RSS and Atom feeds
RSS and Atom feeds can be automatically fed and displayed with text effects.
Linked text animation
The animation can be set to appear on linked text only (for example on mouse over), instead of applying the effect to the entire textfield.
Light weight
A light weight and effective engine, adding only 26kb to your published SWF (including TweenMax engine).
This screenshot shows the user friendly FlashTextFX user interface, in which all of the text effect settings are made, saved and loaded. This panel appears in the Flash Component Inspector.
Click to view

Adobe Flash CS3, CS4 or CS5 for authoring (Windows or Mac). Movies using this component may only be published for Flash Player 9 or 10, ActionScript 3.0.

 Price: $99 $47/Buy now
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