The soundPlayerPRO component plays your sound files (.mp3's) from a playlist which can either be entered into the component properties panel or fed through an external XML file. The look and feel of the soundPlayerPRO is also entirely customizable (skinnable).
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Flash mp3 player
Example showing a skinned copy of the soundPlayerPRO. Press the play button to start streaming the music. In this example, two songs are played using streamed download.
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flash music player
Example showing a skinned soundPlayerPRO with the playlist. Press the play button to start streaming the music.
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Note: The sound quality of these mp3 files have been greatly reduced to improve download time (for demonstration purposes only).
  • Feed playlists through an array or XML file
  • Autoplay
  • Left-right balance control
  • Fully customizable and skinnable
  • Display list
  • Left-right balance control
  • Loop / Repeat
  • Shuffle
  • Streaming with load progress bar
  • Song Title autoscroll
  • Playlist
Flash sound player
Screenshots of the component properties panel.
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Macromedia Flash MX/MX 2004/8, or Adobe Flash CS3/CS4 for authoring (Windows or Mac). Movies using this component may be published for either Flash Player 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 ActionScript 1.0 or 2.0.
Price: $34.95 $17 - Buy now
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