The styleManager is a panel extension for Adobe/Macromedia Flash that allows you to create and then apply styles to text fields and the filter settings of movie clips. Consistent styling can easily be applied across any number of documents streamlining workflow and reducing build times.
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Save all properties of a textfield
Save styles containing all of the textfield properties, such as the font, font size, weight, color, embedding preferences (including character sets to embed), anti-alias preference. alignment, etc...

Works with static, dynamic and input textfields
The styleManager works on static, dynamic and input textfields. It also saves the type to apply to textfields to which the style is applied.

Save movie clip filter settings
Create styles for movie clips in order to save the filter settings which can then be applied to other movie clips.

Save styles to your local drive
Develop and then save styles directly inside Flash.

Apply styles to text fields and movie clips
Apply styles across one or multiple projects from a single panel. This enables you to reuse the same styles in other Flash projects.

Update existing styles
Update existing styles and re-apply them to easily manage styles over time.

Export styles for use by other developers
Export styles as .jsfl files to distribute to other designers and developers working on related projects.

Import styles created by other developers
Import styles for consistent styling across a range of projects.

styleManager panel
Screenshot showing the styleManager panel in Flash.
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styleManager demo
The style of the upper (red) textfield has been saved in the styleManager. Simply select the lower (blue) textfield and click on the desired style in the styleManager to change all of the properties of the blue textfield to match the chosen style.
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The styleManager panel is compatible with Adobe/Macromedia Flash MX 2004, Flash 8 or Flash CS3 (Mac or Windows).
Price: $24.95 -  Buy now
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