You may use the images and banners below to link to the Flashloaded website, using your referrer link. You may also use text links if you prefer.

Instructions for using these images with your referrer links:
1. Click (or right click) on an image and select "save as" to save the image to your local hard drive.
2. Insert the image on your website and use your unique referrer link in order to link the image to the Flashloaded website. For example:

<a href=""><img src="335x189.png" width="335" height="189" border="0"></a>

Instructions for using text links:
In order to use your referrer link as a text link on your website, simply use your complete referrer link to link the text to the Flashloaded website. For example:

<a href="">Amazing Flash components from Flashloaded</a>

Linking to specific product pages:
You can link directly to a specific product page using your referral ID. Even if a visitors enters the site through that link and then they purchase another product, at a different URL, the sale will be still be tracked to your referral ID. Your referral ID is the number following: "id2=". In order to create a direct link, simply add "/?id2=referral ID" to the end of the URL that you wish to link to. The following example shows referral ID 111111 linking to the fCMS product page:

<a href="">Click here to see the fCMS</a>



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