In what format are the video loops provided and can they be edited?
Video loops are provided as .fla files. Inside the .fla for each video loop, you will find a series of keyframes, containing the sequence of images used to make up the video loop. The sequence of key frames may be used to create a movieclip which can then be further manipulated to have a completely different look. For example, you can change the color, opacity and even mix two instances of the same video loop or combine it with another loop or more in order to create other interesting effects. Most video loops are optimized to be used at 30 FPS or higher.

How do I reduce the file size of the video loops?
In order to reduce the file size of a video loop, open the library and locate the first image. Click once and then right click and choose PROPERTIES. Uncheck the parameter “Use imported JPEG data” and set the quality setting to a number between 0 and 100. Press the TEST button on the right to see a preview of the new quality setting in the thumbnail on the left. After finding a suitable quality setting press OK. In order to reduce your entire video loop quality and size, you must repeat this process for all of the images in the library.

Which video loop size should I use?
For web purposes, try to use the 350x100 or 350x150 video loop size provided. These are usually small enough to be used on the web, and can be further optimized by using the file reduction method described above. You may resize the video loop in the Flash authoring environment by converting the image sequence to a movieclip which can then be enlarged or reduced to suit the specific dimensions of your site. You can enlarge the loops to an extent without losing much quality. This is a better approach than simply using a larger version of the same loop as the file size will be considerably smaller and the change in image quality may not be significant when viewed at screen resolution.

Need more help?
If you need any help using the loops, or help reducing their size, please do not hesitate to email us.

Video loops
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